Layah is an international on-screen journalist, specialising in finance and emerging technologies, including cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

Running her own media business, Layah has partnered with several crypto media organisations, interviewing the biggest names in the space, while providing her own bitcoin analysis and educational video content. 

She's the host of The Layah Heilpern Show, which focuses on crypto, politics, motivation and entrepreneurship.

Layah also works as a consultant helping onboard new people into the space.

Initially from London, England, Layah has previously relocated across Europe to cover international breaking news stories.

Working as Paris' Finance and Business correspondent for China's Global TV Network, Layah provided Europe, Asia, America and Africa the French perspective on stories including the migrant crisis, China/US trade wars and France/China trade agreements. 

She's been deployed to Barcelona where she reported live from the Catalonia riots. 

Layah has also worked as a News Anchor in Malta, for the world's first cryptocurrency and blockchain news station. 


Layah works as a life coach, encouraging people to take personal responsibility over their happiness, health and general life success; through visualising goals and manifesting them into reality. 

Layah believes in self-empowerment and pushing one-self to gain their truest desires.

Her interest in positivity and empowerment comes from her own journey in which she struggled with various health conditions. 

Through independent research, studying countless books and undertaking courses, Layah learnt about the mind body connection.


She discovered the power of the mind and how it can trigger the body to start healing itself. Using this new found knowledge she healed herself, now acquiring a unique perspective on life, relationships and what it means to be happy. 

Journalist, Presenter, Consultant &